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The aim of the Cheops project is to bring about archaeological excavations in Egypt for the purpose of unearthing two incredibly important objects:

•    the Great Labyrinth as described by Herodotus,
•    and the tomb of the Pharaoh known as the Builder of the Great Pyramid (Cheops).

The information about the location of both objects listed above has been provided by an inhabitant of Wroclaw in Poland - Ms Lucyna Lobos - since May 2001. (See the Project History). The main method of the information delivery is hypnotic age regression and so called “telepathic channeling“. Lucyna Lobos’ powers are comparable with those of celebrities such as
•    Stanislaw Osowiecki (famous Polish clairvoyant),
•    Edgar Casey (from the USA)
•    and Reverend Czeslaw Klimuszko (from Poland)

  However, Lucyna’s’ powers are very much different than that of the direction taken by others listed above.  Most importantly her method deals with the evaluation of the current situation of the Earth who reveals to everyone an extraordinary solution to the existing problems. Although the solution is simple and logical, it took several years for the team who worked with Lucyna to realize how it concerned saving the humanity and the planet Earth.

CHEOPS PROJECT is better know as the ‘Saving the Earth Project’ – as it is based on the understandings of the civilizations during the time period of the construction of the Great Pyramid when predictions were made about catastrophic dangers that would threaten the planet Earth starting around 2012 AD.  This civilization was able to create a solution for the 2012 time period that would protect the Earth from these predicted catastrophes. This has become the message of the channeling information that Lucyna speaks about today and of its great importance to the planet. According to Lucyna’s broadcast, the key to the solution of the problem revealed to everyone by her is simply to place the mummy of Pharaoh Cheops inside the tomb of the Great Pyramid. Her message to everyone states that NOW is the time of greatest importance in order to fulfill the ancient predictions.

The outstanding knowledge about the tomb location indicated by Lucyna since May 2001 was not sufficient information to persuade the Egyptian authorities to make any official decision regarding the need for tomb excavations in Egypt. The apparent problem with the Egyptians and ‘officials of authority’ concerns the method in which Lucyna uses to acquire her knowledge. The discussions within Lucyna’s broadcasts were necessary in order to bring about credibility for the purpose to convince everyone it was not a fantasy, an object of her imagination or an attempt to attract attention. Such credibility is absolutely necessary for the sake of convincing archaeologists and others who tend to steer clear of information obtained from “unscientific” sources. The importance of credibility is also necessary for those of authorities with the decision-making power; potential sponsors who can provide funds for such mission; and those who will effectively carry out the excavations.

The development process to maintain credibility and create potential resources for the project was thus divided into three stages of approach to the public as follows:

Stage 1:
Excavations in the Ślęża mountain close to Sobótka, near Wrocław, in Poland. This stage is the easiest and is relatively inexpensive because it is closely related with our home – Poland. During several sessions with Lucyna Lobos, not only have we received some information regarding what is hidden in the Ślęża Mountain but how to reach historic treasures as well, which – according to Lucyna – had been hidden therein since the times of Boleslaw I Chrobry (the Brave - the first King of Poland, AD 992 to 1025). After many difficulties and obstacles of a formal nature, this stage was put into practice on the 17th of August 2004, by a team of archaeologists from Wroclaw University, under the management of Aleksander Limisiewicz, PhD (see: Ślęża).  This stage verified in practical terms the validity of information received by Luycna Łobos.

Stage 2:
This involves making use of the achievements so far in order to validate the information provided by Lucyna, as well as creating a point of reference to facilitate the authorities’ consent to carry out excavations in Egypt, with the aim of discovering chambers of the so-called Great Labyrinth, as described by Herodotus. Despite the fact that the Labyrinth contains 3,000 chambers, it still has not been discovered.  Thanks to Lucyna, we now possess the great information regarding the location of the entrances to the Great Labyrinth and to the so-called “Golden Chambers”. 

On March 6, 2008 the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt granted a permission for Egyptian-Polish Archeological Mission in Hawara Necropolis area.  This Mission was created as a scietnific research cooperation agreement between the Univeristy of Cairo (Department of Archeology) and the University of Wroclaw (Poland).  This main purpose of this ongoing Project is (among other things) to discover an entrance to the Great Labyrinth described by Herodotus 450 B.C. (See Hawara) The financial suppport for the HAWARA PROJECT is provided by the Polish Foundation for Support of Archeological Research "DAR ŚWIATOWIDA", through the University of Wroclaw.

Use the  results of the two stages referenced earlier as credibility factors in order  to obtain consent from Egyptian authorities for the purpose to carry out excavations at the appointed location of the tomb of the Builder referenced by Lucyna to be near the Great Pyramid in Giza.

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On Friday, November 11, 2011, at 11:00 pm, about 2000 people from all over the world was suppose to surround the Great Pyramid in Giza and meditate for about one hour sending the energy of love to Mother Earth, to humanity in order to calm the conflicts and prevent further escalation of violence in the world. In spite of all necessary permissions from Egyptian Authorities this ceremony was stopped.  An absurd gossip about „1200 Jews who want to steal from Egypt the Great Pyramid“ was published in Cairo press.

It looks like love is the least desirable energy of those who rule the world. You can’t make big money on it, you cannot manipulate it. However hatred is the most valued commodity. If in a country, one group of people start to hate another group - the war begins, mutual killing, clocking the energy which earns the most.

You ask - can one be afraid of those who want to strengthen the power of love?

 Yes, this energy is very disturbing for some therefore, there are groups that will do anything to make sure that there is as little of this energy in the world as possible.

Day of 11 November 2011 in Cairo was to be a special day. Egyptian travel agency, co-owned by Egyptian man undertook the organization of a special event around the Great Pyramid of Giza. About 10 o'clock in the evening several thousand people were to come to the Giza Plateau, light candles in the colors of the Egyptian flag, and about 11:00 p.m. create around the Great Pyramid, a connected human chain. Participants were suppose to close their eyes and send in the direction of the Great Pyramid, Mother Earth, humanity a positive thoughts and energy of love. At the same time millions of people around the world were to do the same. Send in the direction of Egypt, the Great Pyramid, in the direction of the Earth the same energy so on our Planet there is more good than evil.
Flyer promoting the event says:

11.11.11 – The Pyramid of Cheops

Join the big event

Hug the Pyramid
Light a candle

Send love to the whole world for a better tomorrow

See you 11.11.11

10:00 pm - 12:00 pm

What is so dangerous is this information? What is special at the date of 11.11.11 that this proposal resulted in Egypt a wild wave of attacks of hatred in order to stop at all costs the planned ceremony?

Several Travel Agencies in Egypt as well as many other organizations in the world promoted this event for several months. Thus, outside the tourist season over 2000 visitors came to Cairo from all over the world to take part in it. Good for Egypt, good for business, good for tourism development, good for promotion of the Three Pyramids of Giza area. Good for the whole world. Perhaps too good.

How important was the fact that people of good will, holding hands, wanted to surround the Great Pyramid? Apparently it was so important that exactly a week before the scheduled ceremony, on November 4, in the popular Cairo newspaper, "The seventh day" (Al Youm 7) appeared an "unique" article with the title: "Consent to conduct Jewish ceremonies in the region of the Pyramids" written by an Egyptian journalist. The energy of hatred could not surrender without the fight, therefore a very sensitive chord - a malevolence of Egyptians to Israel - was touched. Here is the translation of the article - the English version that appearing on the Internet:

"As we learn from reliable sources - the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Mustafa Amin gave permission to organize a Masonic-Jewish ceremony in the area of ​​the Three Pyramids on November 11 in the evening. This ceremony is to be organized by Travel Agency which invited 1,200 Jews from around the world to have taken part in it.
Our source reports that the Jews believe that this day will be never repeated in history because it is dated 11.11.2011. Some of them believe that on this day the world would end and it will be the day of cleansing for the Free Masons and the Jews.
We learned that during the planned ceremony, Jews will stand around the Pyramids in a form of the Star of David and they will place such Star on top of the Great Pyramid".

In subsequent days the next 16 articles appeared in various magazines, with addition of some other interesting "details" such as:

*   The Jews want to meditate in order to make the Great Pyramid to come back to Israel;
*   Jews maintain that Jewish people, not the Egyptians built the Pyramid;
*   Masons and the Jews are connected to the Illuminati, so they will want to harm the Arabs ... etc. etc.

You can imagine what was the reaction of many young people in Cairo and throughout Egypt, when they‘ve learned from the newspapers that the Jews want to „steal“ their Great Pyramid. Immediately groups of Muslims gathered prepared to die rather than let the "Jews" to enter on November 11 the Three Pyramids area. Screams "no Jews" resounded everywhere in order to prevent the ceremony.

Hardly anyone thought about what a huge stream of nonsense, lies, fabrications and manipulations this was, playing on the emotions of the crowd.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Head of the Military Council, who previously gave consent for the ceremony by the Great Pyramid – for the safety of the public and tourists withdrew immediately the permit.

No one read original leaflets, nobody was interested in the intentions of the organizers. The energy of hate took its proper place, because "Jews" cannot enter on the Plateau on November 11 evening.

Love? What is it? It's just a cunning Jewish trick to get into the Great Pyramid area. Meditation? This is a Zionist ritual, and anyone who will meditate on this day must be a Jew who wants to punish Egypt.

There was no discussion, there was not even a possibility of a discussion. There were only negative emotions unleashed to the limits of hatred and aggression. None of the young people defending the access to Three Pyramids area thought about the fact that they were manipulated. It was difficult to feel where it is the truth and see how manipulative and canning was this information when wrong, negative emotions dominated.

Which Energy can change people? Is it the energy of hatred, or the energy of love? The peace between Palestine and Israel – can it be achieved by the escalation of mutual acts of aggression, or in the manner suggested by the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha and all the major religions of the world?

The evening ceremony of 11.11.11 was canceled. The army surrounded the Giza Plateau area making sure that nobody entered there. It did not matter that the head of the Travel Agency was a Muslim and that all his employs were Egyptians. When there is a slogan "Jews want to steal the Great Pyramid", despite its absurdity and the absurdity of the whole situation – many believed it.

The result? Several thousand tourists left Cairo disappointed. Lot’s of financial losses, the reputation of Egypt’s hospitality strained at best…

Interesting question is coming to mind - who has profited? Who has created this wail of hatred in order to make sure that no one would entered the Great Pyramid area on November 11th and that no one would send the energy of love, which - after all - does not know any religion, race, or nationality? It is just as strong when it comes from an Egyptian, a Jew, a Pole or an American. It is just as effective when it is generated by a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or atheist. It is energy that brings people together – does not separate them.

How important was the date of 11 November 2011, when such „heavy guns“ were used in Cairo?

For me this was a confrontation between good and evil. Some may think that evil won, because the ceremony around the Great Pyramid was canceled.

Personally, I think the opposite had happen. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world meditated that day at 11:00 pm, just as it was predicted. Thousands of people who were in Egypt and they were suppose to stand around the Pyramid, also decided to close your eyes at the same time and send in the direction of the Great Pyramid, direction of Egypt and the Mother Earth the energy of love that they brought to Egypt.

The ceremonies did not happen around the Great Pyramid, but one thing we know for sure: the energy of love does not know the time nor space. It will go in the direction where it is mentally sent. Will the Great Pyramid enhance the energy that was directed to it on that day?  Well, we will see sooner or later…

What would happen had 2000 people physically surrounded the Great Pyramid as it was planned? Would Egypt be calmer? Would more tourists come to Giza? Would the earth be calmer, safer place to live? We don’t know.

We‘ve learned one thing, however. For those who rule the world - the energy of love is now the enemy number one. They will use every lie, every provocation, every manipulation so, that it is not allowed to exist on larger scale.

Ask yourself a question – do we want to live in a world as it is now, or should we do everything possible to change it? The energy of love is considered the most powerful energy that exists in the universe. Perhaps this is the only "tool" that is able to change our reality, and the entire Planet Earth.

The ceremony was supposed to promote Egypt, promote the Giza Plateau, promote the idea about the Great Pyramid and its very special meaning for the entire world.  It was suppose to promote the Great Nation of Egypt and its history, its incredible people, filled with friendliness and hospitality. Perhaps it was too much and too danger for some… I was in Cairo at that time and I was an observer of what was happening on Friday 11.11.11. Questions that will stay for long in my mind is: why love is hated so, that it became Public Enemy Number 1…?

Let’s hope that the year 2012 will reverse this equation… In Egypt and in the whole world.


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