On this page you will find session with Lucyna Łobos from Wroclaw, Poland.  Some initial sessions were done by a method of hypnotic age regression with professional psychologists specialized in hypnosis.  Later sessions were done by telepathic channeling method, where Lucyna was able to put herself very quickly into an altered state of cosciessness and get in contact with her spiritual guide (usually En-Ki).  Information received through Lucyna come from all dimentions of life, from archeology, to religion, health, politics, business, etc.  However for us the most important are information concerning archeological excavations in Egypt, as well as about the year 2012 and protection for the Earth and humanity against any possible cataclysm.

Many later sessions are so called "public sessions". During such sessions questions were asked by  audience at public meetings of about 20 to more than 600 people.  Questions were supplyed in writing and asked during such sessions by session conductors. Such public meeting were mostly done in Poland,  but also in  the United States (Chicago, New York), Germany (Stuttgart) and Switzerland (Basel).

Sessions were translated from Polish to English by many volunteer translaters who donated this way their time and effort for the Project.  Any language mistakes that might be found in translations we will try to eliminate as time goes by.  There are many sessions that still need translation into English so, we still need help.  Please, write to us if you can provide some assistance in Polish - English translations.


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